When is DAWKINS' s rankings released? How is the research schedule organized?


The client’s guide is usually released at the beginning of each year.


Research starts several months before the list is released, but you can submit information for research at any time.



Will the DAWKINS’s list cover all industries in the future?


No. The DAWKINS research team has always focused on law firms and individuals involved in capital markets activities, and prefers to look at dynamic industries of a certain size. This means that, in the future, DAWKINS maybe adjust the industries it looks at and researches as they evolve.



Is it necessary to submit to be included in the rankings?


Submitting is not required, the DAWKINS team conducts research from an independent, third-party perspective. Of course, the DAWKINS team welcomes active communication with institutions to gain a deeper understanding of them.



Is there a fee from submission to award? Are there any value-added services available for purchase?


From the beginning of the submitting process, there is no cost to the participant, regardless of whether or not the award is ultimately won.


If you would like to expand your company's reach and reputation in the marketplace, there are value-added promotional services and licenses available for purchase from DAWKINS, please contact:cnteam@dawkinsindex.com.



Is it necessary to attend the awards ceremony?


Attendance at the awards ceremony is not mandatory, but we always encourage winners to attend as it is a great opportunity to meet face to face with the DAWKINS team and other peers. Please refer to the official announcement of DAWKINS for relevant arrangement.